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Ever dreamed of having your very own movie theater in your own home? Kinkade Home Theater can make that a reality. We install home theater audio systems, TV's, Projector's, screens, and seating. 

Having amazing and user-friendly whole home audio is just a call away. We can install whole home audio solutions specific to your needs. 

Want all of your systems to integrate together into one easy-to-use cohesive unit? As an ELAN integrator, we have the knowledge to make all your systems work in harmony,

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Ever wish your lights could turn on before you arrive home so your home is safely illuminated before you enter? Or want to save time when you're exhausted after a long day by turning off all of your lights instantly before bed? Wish no more. As Lutron Pro installers, we can install and program your lighting system to turn on, off, and dim at your desired times, from wherever you are.. 

Consolidate all your remotes into one easy-to use device. With our customizable programing tailored to your devices, watching a movie is as simple as pressing a single button. After we've helped you program all of your devices through one remote, we'll train you to become an expert on your system.

Home networks are the core of a home, and that includes AV systems. Without proper network design and configuration, your network won't perform when you need it most, like streaming your favorite music or movies, At Kinkade Home Theater, we have our Professionally Certified Network Administrator certification so we know how to make sure your network runs smooth at all times, no matter the occasion.

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