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Kinkade Home Theater is Kansas City’s premier provider of home security smart home integrated solutions.  Our clients are able to feel peace of mind, knowing that their home is protected both when they’re home and when they’re away.  With proper deterrents in place, a smart home integrated home security system gives you the knowledge that your home is secure…not just hope.


When you purchase a smart home integrated home security system from Kinkade Home Theater, we take the time to test everything, making sure that all components work together correctly.  When it comes to home security, you need to be assured that everything is going to work properly when you need it.  We can provide you with the comfort and knowledge that your family, possessions, and home are protected 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Remote Monitoring

The same company that will take the time to install everything just right, test it, and make sure it is working correctly for those moments when you need that protection the most can also monitor your system for you in case of an emergency!  Kinkade Home Theater offers monthly monitoring and remote access fee including automation capabilities with no long-term contract requirements for only $39.95 per month.

“One Touch” Security

By integrating a whole house networking system, smart locks, interior and exterior lighting, door / window / room sensors, security cameras, network video recorders, speakers, security panels, and monitoring all thru one system, you have the capacity to turn it all ON with the touch of a button.


Network Video Recorders / Security Cameras

When you want the ability to check in on your home from anywhere in the world, we’ve got the solutions for you.  Network video recorders or NVR’s and surveillance cameras add that extra layer of immediacy with your home or business’ security.  From your smartphone, tablet, or laptop you have the ability of viewing live security footage while simultaneously being able to remotely connect to and command your home’s security system.


Intruder Alerts

With our smart home security system, you can program it to respond to different scenarios.  Such as getting a text alert when someone begins walking to your door.  Another scenario could be for the system to sound an alarm if a door is opened after midnight in order to ward off any intruders.  Still another scenario could be to have the system send you a text if your water heater begins to leak while you are taking a vacation.


“One Touch” Smart Locks

Smart locks have quickly become a foundational piece of smart home security systems.  With the simplicity of the touch of a button from your wall touch screen pad, keypad, cell phone, or tablet, every external door in the home can be securely bolted.  Do you regularly have home deliveries or service workers that need access to the front door?  No worries - you can assign a temporary security code for everyone that needs one.  Each of your family members can be assigned their own unique code which allows them into the house so that you can keep track of everyone coming and going.  Of course, on those days when you feel like nothing else can go wrong…and you’ve forgotten the keys to the house…it makes it very easy to let yourself in.


Home or Away From Home?

Home security has come a long way since the days of Kevin McAlister and the movie “Home Alone.”  We know that studies have shown that a burglar is much less likely to attempt to enter a home that is occupied.  With a smart home integrated home security system, you really can be in all places at once like Kevin!  You will have the ability to create mock occupancy visuals that program the exterior and interior lights of your house to turn off and on (all using automation) just as if you were really home.  With these actions occurring at staggered times, it appears more realistic and “would be” intruders move along thinking that there is someone home.


Kinkade Home Theater has all the solutions you need to keep your family, home and belongings secure.  Call today to discuss your security needs and schedule an onsite consultation.

We provide our home security solutions to the entire Kansas City Metroplex region including:

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